ENVIQO is a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE), established in Qinghai, China since 2014. With the passion to create a sustainable and green future, we offer environmental consultation and services to our clients through the following focuses: Improvising current work practices; Implementing green strategies; & Introducing green technologies.

All for a better tomorrow.

ENVIQO’s Mission & Vision

To bring about changes in the community that we are working with to

benefit economically, enhance socially & protect environmentally.


Environmental Product Research & Development

Ecological Protection, Restoration & Landscaping

Ecotourism Feasibility Studies

Community Development & Livelihood Improvement

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs

Biodiversity Conservation

Energy Efficiency & Conservation

Water & Land Related Projects


Sourcing and Planting of Tree Species Through Local Farmers

Environmental Project Management, Skills & Business training for Community

Students and Professionals Cross-Cultural Exposure & Training Program

Organizing Environmental Programs, Trade Fairs, Events & Talks

Environmental/Sustainable Business Startup Services