ITE Singapore Overseas Community Service Program to Qinghai

In a week of September, in collaboration with Singapore Institute of Technical Education (ITE College East), ENVIQO hosted a teacher/student team from the Beauty & Hair Fashion (School of Business & Businesses) for the first time in Qinghai, in their annual Overseas Community Service (OCS) program. Trips were organised, taking the team to elderly homes, farming community and schools offering community services in the form of hair dressing, hand massage and nail care services. Over at the farm, students got to experience farming life too by helping out in one of the green houses. Visitation to local hair-fashion and beauty-related businesses were also arranged so that the ITE team could interact and learn of the current trend and practices in this industry locally, and hearing from business owners on how their businesses, besides generating income could also make a positive impact to the community.

We received feedback from the students participating in this OCS program here in Qinghai and some of their comments as below:

“It’s a blessing to give back to the community. For we are very privileged to have the thing around us [in Singapore]” ~ Faith Perlina

“[Through this trip] I learnt to care for others more” ~ Shalehin

“I learn how to adapt to changes well and appreciate what we have in Singapore.” ~ Merlyn Leong

“I get to learn about different cultures” ~ Noorasyiqah

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